Quail Point Hunt Club, Woodland, California

Organizer: Mark Gagliardi
KofC Chairman: PCP Deepal Karunaratne

It was a pleasant, wee bit chilly morning (0800 early, yawn) at Quail Point, as participants arrived steadily to register for our annual Sporting Clay-shoot event. Every year, the process seems to be more organized. My 4-person team (ok, DD49 Dave would say it’s his) cued up briefly, signed-up, and headed back over to the clubhouse for coffee and a few of Lady Mala Karunaratne’s delicious meat turnovers (please do not tell Mark G. that I took ALL the leftovers home afterwards; he does not miss easily, which can be worrisome). The California State Council fielded a team, as did our Chapter.

If you have not attended our annual Wheelchair Shootout, you do not know what you’re missing. All you need to bring is eye protection (your sunglasses will do). Mark Gagliardi and his Shoot for a Cure Team will fix you up with a 12ga or 20ga shotgun and all the ammo and clay birdies you will use. A delicious BBQ lunch with all the trimmings and beverages is provided. SO BE SURE TO SIGN-UP WITH A 4-PERSON TEAM NEXT YEAR! Don’t be a “FTF* dud.”
M Souza, DW49

FTF – Failed-to-Fire (DON’T BE A DUD!)

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